Get Your Ex Back By Text

Sep 21

There are many reasons why trying to get your ex back by text is a good idea, contrary to what many so-called “experts” would have you believe. Michael Fiore discusses many of these in his popular texting program, Text Your Ex Back, but today I wanted to actually expand a little bit on his insights.

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Attempting to get your ex back by text is an exceptional choice in most circumstances…if you do it correctly.

For starters, text messaging is the most powerful and most used form of communication we have. Today, the majority of both teens and adults now spend more time texting on their cell phones than they do actually talking.

And that means text messaging opens an enormous window of opportunity to help you get your ex back.

Let’s look closer at why text messaging rocks (and shed some light on things to be cautious about as well)…

Get Your Ex Back By Text – Is It A Good Or Bad Idea?

Before I get into the reasons why I think text messaging is so cool and how it can help you get your ex back, I think it’s important to briefly discuss why many relationship experts have often frowned upon text messaging and why many advise against it.

I do think programs like Text Your Ex Back are starting to change old ways of thinking and are helping to get text messaging the positive recognition people like Michael Fiore and myself believe it deserves.

But I will be the first to admit that some of the negative associations do have merit and that text messaging does require some caution and careful execution if you want it to work to its full potential and help you get your ex back by text.

The Negative Side Of Texting

Much of the negative stigma of texting in relationships centers around a few key things. These are things like…

  • Sexting
  • Cheating through text messages
  • Destruction of language, spelling, etc. due to emoticons, abbreviations, etc.
  • Being a means through which teenagers are able to send dirty and inappropriate pictures to each other
  • Ending relationships because people feel like they are second to their partner’s texting addiction

Are these types of things legitimate? Do they happen? Absolutely.

But does that mean text messaging should be avoided when it comes to getting your ex back? I’d argue absolutely not.

Like many things texting can be good or bad and it’s all in how you use it. It can destroy your relationship and ruin all chances of getting back together with your ex or it can vastly improve your relationship by helping you spark romance, increase intimacy, passion, and desire, heal old wounds, and help your ex see you in a positive light.

I think one of the biggest problems is that most people go about texting the wrong way. They come across as needy, desperate, and all around unattractive which can quickly kill a relationship and make your ex run for the hills.

But up until the release of Text The Romance Back in 2010 and Text Your Ex Back in October 2011, there really hasn’t been much good advice that teaches people how to text and use technology to improve human connection. After all, texting is still a relatively new technology.

So, yes, texting can be harmful to a relationship. But there are so many more advantages that ignoring text messaging when it comes to improving your relationships just seems silly.

Let’s look at some of those advantages that can help you get your ex back by text.

Get Your Ex Back By Text – 8 Reasons Text Messaging Shouldn’t Be Ignored If You Want Your Ex Back

Aside from texting being one of the most powerful forms of communication we have, I can quickly come up with at least 8 other reasons why attempting to get your ex back by text is a good idea. These are…

The Positive Side Of Texting

  • Texting is personal, private, and intimate.
  • Texting is less intrusive than a phone call.
  • When done properly, texting is subtle and non-confrontational so its often easier to slowly work back into the good graces of your ex.
  • Texting leads to greater access to your ex because people can send and receive text messages virtually anywhere, anytime even in situations where a phone call would be too disruptive such as at school, work, etc.
  • When you text, you have time to think about what you say before you say it so it’s easier to avoid fights and you can keep yourself from saying something you’ll regret later. You can control the tone of the conversation.
  • Texting often allows people to open up more than they would otherwise and allows them to express how they truly feel and what they really want. Many people are much more open and find it much easier to say things in a text than to say the same thing on the phone or face to face.
  • Texting allows you to control the pace of the relationship and rebuild intimacy and attraction slowly over time, on your own terms. Even if you or your ex are busy, you can still communicate easier through text than trying to make time for a phone call or face to face chat.
  • Texting gives you the best opportunity to be heard even if you and your ex are currently on rocky terms. Even if your ex doesn’t reply, it is likely they will at least read your text message. Try calling them and they are more likely to just ignore you. Try to talk to them face to face and you may just have a door slammed in your face.

Clearly there are many advantages if you choose to get your ex back by text. My point isn’t to say that texting is better or worse than another method, but rather that texting shouldn’t just be ignored or written off as some sort of “gimmick” that holds no value. I think doing that would be a big mistake.

As Michael Fiore says in Text Your Ex Back…

“When you heard “Text Your Ex Back,” you probably guffawed a little bit, or choked on your soup, and said “yeah, right. I’ve tried EVERYTHING to get my ex back already. How can TEXT MESSAGES do the trick?” But the fact is that these days TEXTING is the most direct and personal method we have for intimately communicating with each other.”

Just remember, your ability to get your ex back by text will be determined by how you approach and respond to your ex through the text messages you send.