Does Text Your Ex Back Really Work?

Sep 21

Does Text Your Ex Back really work?

If you’ve heard about the Text Your Ex Back program by Michael Fiore and are thinking about trying it, then you’re probably curious about whether or not it’s legitimate.

I mean, can texts really help you get your ex back? Seems a little “out there” doesn’t it? Maybe. Maybe not.

Today, I’ll take a look at the question of whether or not Text Your Ex Back really works, provide some of my own insights as someone who had early access to the program, and talk about some of the stuff other people are saying about the system.

I’ve spent a lot of time evaluating and reviewing the Michael Fiore Text Your Ex Back program, and right off the bat I think there are a few key points to keep in mind.

So Does Text Your Ex Back Really Work?

First and foremost, when answering the question of does Text Your Ex Back really work, it’s important to realize the program is not a “magic bullet” and if you’re looking for a quick fix that will bring your ex back by tomorrow, then this isn’t for you.

Also, if you are looking for a GUARANTEE that you will get your ex back after using the Text Your Ex Back program, then you should also avoid it. No one can GUARANTEE that. Not me. Not Michael. Not anyone.

Any program that guarantees you will get your ex back should raise a red flag immediately. Some relationships can’t be salvaged no matter what you do.

Realize that no single text can magically repair your relationship overnight, but if you follow the entire program and use Michael’s texting formulas as they are meant to be used, I’m confident you’ll be in a much better place with your ex than you are today.

Author, Michael Fiore, is very open and honest about the fact that Text Your Ex Back isn’t for everyone. I greatly appreciate and respect that about him.

Michael says…

“This course is for you if you legitimately miss and appreciate your ex, feel like you’ve got a real connection, and feel like the reasons you broke up are things you can resolve, accept, or move past.”

He kindly asks you stay away from the Text Your Ex Back program if you…

  • Only want your ex back to feed your own vanity and ego
  • Are emotionally or physically abusive toward your ex
  • Have been emotionally or physically abused by your ex (in this case, RUN, as you shouldn’t want this type of person back in your life)
  • Are, as Michael puts it, an asshole
  • Are a serial cheater who can’t be open with your ex about wanting to be with multiple people

Basically, if you really do care about your ex and don’t fall into the categories above, then the Text Your Ex Back program can work for you.

You also need to be willing to follow and work the system. If you invest in the program and then let it sit on your hard drive and don’t do anything with it, then it won’t do you a bit of good.

Likewise, if you send out one text and then give up, then you’re not giving yourself an opportunity for success. You have to be willing to give it some time, especially if your relationship didn’t end on the best of terms.

Does Text Your Ex Back Really Work? What Others Are Saying…

One of the best ways to answer the question of does Text Your Ex Back really work is to get some feedback from people who have actually tried the system.

Watch this video that takes a look at some reviews and testimonials from actual Text Your Ex Back customers…

If you don’t have a cell phone or are unable to text your ex for some reason, the system has also been effective for people who have used it with other forms of communication such as email. Simply adapt Michael Fiore’s techniques to whatever form of communication works best for you.

I’m skeptical about posting testimonials I find on other sites because it’s very difficult online to know if a testimonial is really true or just someone trying to convince you to spend money on a bunch of crap.

Thus, you won’t see a million testimonials on this site because I won’t post them unless they have been sent to me personally and I have a copy of the actual testimonial in my email.

I did want to share something I received recently from a reader I have been corresponding with about the program. Michael M. actually adapted the Text Your Ex Back system to email and writes…

“I sent her the first message last night and had a reply first thing this morning. Amazing! I think the door has opened! WOW! I can’t believe it worked! I’m just not sure how to reply back…and haven’t. I’m hoping waiting until tonight to reply back to her isn’t too long to wait as I need to check the book and make sure I say the right thing. Hopefully her wheels are turning. Her reply was very interesting…” – Michael M.

So if you’re wondering does text your ex back really work, yes it does. It has worked for thousands of people.

Does it work for everyone and every situation? No. Will it work for you? There’s only one way to find out…