A Text To Get Your Ex Back

Sep 21

If you’ve come here looking for a text to get your ex back, I’ve got some good news and I’ve got some bad news.

The bad news is a text to get your ex back doesn’t exist…at least not in terms of one single text you can send your ex that will magically fix everything and make him or her come crawling back to you by morning.

The good news is text messaging CAN be extremely powerful at helping you get your ex back. But rather than focusing on a single text to get your ex back, your focus should be on a series of carefully crafted text messages delivered over a period of time and aimed at slowly opening your ex to the idea of being with you again.

One of the most successful texting programs to help you get your ex back is Text Your Ex Back by Michael Fiore. But even Michael admits a text to get your ex back on its own doesn’t exist…

“This will take some time. I’m sorry to say it, but there’s no “magic bullet” here. There’s no one text that I can give you that will change your ex’s mind in ten minutes and have you back in romantic la-la land.”

Instead, Michael Fiore teaches you many of his carefully crafted “texting formulas” you can easily modify and adapt to your own situation. Each type of text has a unique purpose and will be used to accomplish different things in your relationship with your ex.

For example, some texts are used to start conversations. Some are used to build emotional rapport. Some bring back fun, happy memories so your ex thinks about you in a positive way again. And others validate your ex’s emotions, boost intimacy, use jealousy to your advantage, or turn your ex on to help take things from a virtual to physical level.

Michael Fiore explains how to use emotional language to speak to your ex’s heart and mind through the texts you send. This is really cool stuff.

In Text Your Ex Back, Michael explains…

“I use a lot of human psychology to re-awaken your ex’s attraction and help him or her “decide” they want to give you another shot. It’s powerful stuff, and I want you to use it for good.”

A text to get your ex back will need to have several characteristics in order to be effective. For example, it will need to validate your ex’s feelings and be positive and upbeat. It will also need to exude confidence and not make you appear needy or desperate.

A text to get your ex back should never be negative or be used to talk about the past relationship, nor should it make your ex feel pressured to respond.

Your old relationship is dead and if you want to text your ex back, you need to focus on building a new, better relationship with your ex rather than trying to repair or fix a past relationship.