Text Your Ex Back – Michael Fiore Unveils New Texting System

Oct 29

Text Your Ex Back – Michael Fiore Unveils New Texting System

Text Your Ex Back Review – Michael Fiore, The Man With The “Magic Thumbs”

This Text Your Ex Back Review wouldn’t be complete without starting at the beginning and providing a little background on the creator of the Text Your Ex Back System, Michael Fiore.

Michael Fiore is a Seattle based relationship and dating coach who burst into the spotlight back in early 2010 with the release of his popular program, Text The Romance Back. The program was later released into the Clickbank Marketplace in March of 2011 allowing it to grow by leaps and bounds.

Michael Fiore is known as the man with the “magic thumbs” because what sets him apart from other dating coaches is his focus on teaching men and women how to improve their relationships via the power of text messages. Text messaging often gets a bad rap because it’s often associated with people getting busted for cheating or teenagers sending dirty pictures and “sexting” each other.

However, through the Text The Romance Back system Mike Fiore has proven text messages can be a very powerful tool for creating romance, developing intimacy, strengthening connections, and improving relationships for both men and women. He has even caught the attention of the Rachel Ray Show, sex advice columnists, mainstream media, and Eastern European Clerics.

Text Your Ex Back – Michael Fiore’s New Get Your Ex Back Program

text messageIn October of 2011, Michael Fiore released his newest program, Text Your Ex Back. This program is specifically designed to help men and women get their ex boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, or husband back after a breakup.

Michael is the first to admit it’s not a magic bullet and there’s no one single text you can send to an ex to get them to take you back.

As Michael puts it…

“Don’t try this program if you’re expecting “Magic.” Text Your Ex Back is straightforward, simple and VERY effective but it will only work for you if you actually do what it says. There’s no one text in the world that can erase all the pain from your old relationship . . . but this method will help you open the door to creating the relationship you both deserve.”

Text Your Ex Back isn’t about repairing your old relationship. That relationship is dead. Instead, the Text Your Ex Back Michael Fiore program is about giving you the best chance to create a new, stronger relationship with your ex by using a specific “formula” that creates incredible levels of intimacy and desire.

Read more about Michael’s formula in our next post as we continue with this in depth Text Your Ex Back Review.

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  1. I hit my ex in the side the other nite while we were fighting with an open hand and she hates me and I’ve lost her forever